LA Gift Show...

It's that time of the year again... Time to prepare for the holidays!

Buyers please join us July 12-25, 2017 at the beautiful Stephen Young Showroom for the holiday LA Gift Show.  We are showing off our new Bren'sZen Jewelry pieces and will have many of the popular pieces we are known for- wrap necklaces, Lucky Elephant rings & necklace, as well as our in-demand bezel bracelets. 

See you soon!

Jewelry Photography

If there is one thing I have struggled with, it's been photographing my jewelry.  I have read articles, watched YouTube tutorials, and have even taken a few classes, but still, the skills to show off my pieces seem to elude me. 

The metal and the stones are very reflective and if you don't photograph the pieces properly, you can see reflections of things on the pieces (I once had my red shirt reflected on every piece of jewelry I photographed.  Definitely not a good look).

I still plan to eventually master this skill (now it's a challenge), but I am grateful for the true professionals  at Cloth & Stone Photography in Venice, California.  They recently photographed my pieces for this website and the pieces for my fine jewelry collection, Brenda Burdette Fine Jewelry, and what a beautiful job they did! 

Montage Resort & Spa Laguna Beach Trunk Show

We couldn't have had a better day at the Montage Resort & Spa on November 12, 2016.  Not only was the setting PERFECT (who doesn't like to hear/see the waves crashing on the beach), but the Godiva chocolates, sparkling wine and our amazing customers made the day very fun!  Thanks to Missy, Deb and Amanda for making it all happen.


Summer at the Montage Laguna Beach...

Even though Bren'sZen Jewelry is just a few miles down the road from the beautiful Montage Laguna Beach, it feels like a world away.  The surf, the sand, gorgeous architecture, lush landscape... 

Our favorite thing is to visit the spa (we have to check on our Bren'sZen Jewelry, right?) and then have a nice alfresco lunch at Mosaic Bar & Grille.   It's the perfect combination of relaxation, shopping, dining all the while listening to the waves crash on the sand.